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Edit Font and Font Color

Choose from a variety of font style options to create the perfect caption for your church graphic. From whimsical script fonts to bold, traditional fonts – you can design the right caption.

Change existing font colors by highlighting the text you wish, then choose the color you want. If you can't find the color you need, select the "More Colors" link to use virtually any color.

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Changing clipart caption fonts and font color examples

Removing and adding clipart and photo caption examples

Remove Caption

If you like a church clipart image but prefer it have no captions at all? You can easily remove the caption from any art with the caption editor tool. Photos and PowerPoints are automatically provided without captions.

Add Caption

Like a church clipart image or photo but prefer to add your own caption - or keep OUR caption and add additional information? You can easily add captions to any art with the caption editor tool AND keep our original caption, if you prefer. Because photos and PowerPoints are automatically provided without captions, it's easy to add your own, too!

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Crop Images

With the online Caption Editor tool you can crop an image to any size you need. You can also add additional white space to clipart or crop a photo. Simply drag the border of the image to crop it to the desired look.

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Cropping caption from clipart example

Example of file format types with caption editor

Choose File Format

When downloading an image, you'll always have more than one file format to choose from. Art images are provided in print and web-ready formats. We offer a variety of file formats that include .PNG, .JPG, .WMF .GIF and .TIF. Simply click the format you need and it will download directly to your computer.

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Before Editing Caption
After Editing Caption
Before Caption to read Lord Jesus Receive My Spirit
After Caption to read Because I live you also will live
Before Caption to read Communion Service
After Caption to read A Place at the Table
Before Caption to read Majestic on high is the Lord
After Caption to read Building Bridges
Before Caption to read Nursery Page
After Caption to read Birth Announcements
Before Caption to read We love because He first loved us
After Caption to read Serve one another in love
Before Caption to read Church picnic
After Caption to read Homecoming picnic
Before Caption to read Renew a steadfast spirit within me
After Caption to read Let Salvation spring up